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The Art Act of


Exclusive Developments Designed for a Unique Plant-Powered Experience.

The Creative Culinary Design Studio

Thrilling the senses with the wonder of all-natural ingredients, Be Naturaw Design Studio leverages the future of food, redefining the art of Plant-based & Raw Organic Cuisine. From feature dishes, menu design, food product development, aesthetic photography, food styling, and content creation to anything in between. We aim to ensure the healthiest & finest quality loaded with vibrant natural & pure flavors, offering an elevated gastronomy experience with a focus on sustainability & nutrition.


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A Plant-based Chef with a fascination for beauty in artistry, photography and design.


“It is not just about food or lifestyle. It’s an expression of Art - the most multi-sensual Art that stimulates all our senses. For me, cooking is a form of language, an intricate act-art, and craft, a beautiful tone to express ourselves creatively. It is in the beauty of the tasty, in the shade of memories and feelings. Food is life, Art, and emotions, a way to nourish our body and fulfill our inner expression truly. As a Chef, I find the most elegant way to transmit its finer details, subtleties, and effects. From function to form, style to quality, and innovation to inspiration, noticing every subtle nuance of flavors, colors, and emotions.”


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